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Leaky Pipes Cause Water Damage!

Slow leaks can cause severe water damage if left unnoticed and unchecked. Most faucets should be checked every few weeks to ensure that a slow leak has not damaged the cabinets. If this is not done, a slow leak can cause mold damage that will lead to deteriorating cabinetry and a larger problem over time. 

After a Water Damage in San Antonio TX

This photo was taken after a water damage had occurred in this San Antonio home. The entire laundry room and surrounding areas were affected, but SERVPRO of Stone Oak was able to dry the area and restore it to better condition than it had been in before we arrived!

Mold Damage in San Antonio, TX

When water damage is left unchecked, it creates the perfect environment for mold to grow. While mold is in the air everywhere and is not typically harmful, elevated levels can cause adverse health concerns and should be remediated immediately. SERVPRO of Stone Oak is a liscenced mold remediation contractor specialized in working with mold remediation. Call us today for advice on how to deal with your mold problem!

Wood Floor Drying Extraction Mat in San Antonio, TX

When wood floors are damaged with water, it can be incredibly difficult to dry them properly. SERVPRO of Stone Oak uses wood floor drying extraction mats to pull water through the tiny cracks in the wood and attempt to dry them back to their natural state of moisture.

Commercial Sprinkler Malfunction in San Antonio, TX

This commercial building had a sprinkler malfunction that flooded the entire building with over two inches of water on the Fourth of July. Not only was SERVPRO of Stone Oak quick to arrive at the scene, but we were able to remove all of the water from the building and dry it down completely!

After Hours House Flood in San Antonio, TX

Thanksgiving weekend, this home had a pipe burst in the ceiling, flooding the home while everyone slept. Finally, the water had saturated the drywall so much that the closet ceiling had collapsed, waking the family up. The water had saturated the entirety of the carpeting upstairs in all of the bedrooms and hallways. The water had also traveled downstairs, and severely damaged the drywall there as well. This family called frantically trying to get some help on a holiday weekend late at night, and SERVPRO of Stone Oak was there within an hour extracting water from their floors and cleaning up the collapsed ceiling.

 Situations like this are why we do what we do, we had a family that was in need and we came to the rescue!

Fire Damage to House in San Antonio, Texas

Fire damage to a home is something that is never fun to deal with, but the SERVPRO of Stone Oak crew is ready to help when the situation presents itself. Our highly trained technicians and staff will make the situation "Like it never even happened."

Lightning Strike That Caused Fire Damage to House in San Antonio, Texas

A lightning strike caused a significant amount of fire damage to this house in San Antonio, Texas. The SERVPRO of Stone Oak crew was quick to respond to the catastrophe and made the situation "Like it never even happened."

Busted Pipe in Commercial Building

A busted water pipe was the cause of loss on this commercial building. Extraction was required as well as removal of cove base to allow for proper drying of the drywall. Drying equipment was set and ran for the standard 3 days.

Roof Leak to One Main Financial in San Antonio, Texas

A roof leak was the cause of loss to this commercial job. It ruined a few ceiling tiles and affected 4 rooms in total. Cove base was removed to allow proper drying of the drywall.

Mold Damage to a Closet in San Antonio, Texas

A slow leak inside the wall of a closet caused mold to grow over time. All of the affected drywall and shelving was removed as well as two feet past any of the visible mold.

Flood Damage Caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, Texas

This was the biggest house SERVPRO of Stone Oak worked on while in Houston for Hurricane Harvey. The crew worked diligently on this home and got all of the demolition done in 2 days.

Flooded House in Houston, Texas Caused by Hurricane Harvey

This house is one of the many we did in the same neighborhood as a result of Hurricane Harvey. SERVPRO of Stone Oak helped as many families as possible while in Houston.

Mold Damage to House in San Antonio, Texas

This is a photo of a mold damage after the demolition was completed. All of the visible mold was cut as well as two feet past it. The home owner was very pleased with our work and gave us many compliments.

Water Damage in San Antonio, Texas

This water loss started from a toilet leak on the third story and affected all three floors. There were baseboards that had to be removed, drywall that got cut out and carpet that had to be pulled up.

Water Damage in San Antonio, Texas

This water loss was a result of a busted water line in the guest bathroom. There were 5 rooms total that were affected. Base boards had to be removed as well as toe kicks on affected cabinets.

Water loss to VP Racing Fuel in San Antonio, Texas

On this job a roof leak occurred to a VP Racing Fuel causing water to enter the building. There was extraction that was done as well as removal of baseboards. Drying equipment was then set and ran for 3 days.

Water Loss at Assisted Living Facility in San Antonio, Texas

This assisted living facility had a room that was being treated for bed bugs which caused the sprinklers to go off. Affected cove base was removed to allow the drywall to dry completely.

Water loss to a Payless in San Antonio, Texas

This Payless had a water damage occur due to a backed up drain. The water spread starting in the back storage room and went under the wall into the actual showroom. Water was extracted and drying equipment was set and ran for 3 days.

Mold damage to a school in San Antonio, Texas

This school was affected by mold caused by a roof leak. The affected drywall and ceiling was ripped out and the studs were all sprayed with a sealer to ensure no further mold growth.

Mold damage in apartment in San Antonio, Texas

This apartment complex had a bad mold damage that needed remediation. All of the mold was cut out and the studs and surrounding areas were treated to ensure no further mold growth.

Water Damage in San Antonio, Texas

This water damage was a result of an overflowing washing machine. The water spread throughout the whole first floor of the house, so the proper drying equipment was set and the laminate flooring in the living room was removed.

Water loss in San Antonio, Texas

The cause of loss on this job was a toilet supply line and water spread and affected six rooms in total. There was a lot of water to be extracted from carpet which was done the same day the loss occurred. Baseboards were removed in the affected areas and the job went very smoothly.

Flood damage in Saginaw, Michigan

This house in Saginaw, Michigan was flooded out in June of 2017 so flood cuts were done two feet high on all of the drywall, and all affected carpet was removed as well.

Mold Growth in San Antonio Home

This is an example of what mold growth on drywall looks like. This is a photo of drywall directly behind a refrigerator that had a slow leak in the water supply line and was never fully corrected before mold started to grow.

Kitchen Fire in San Antonio, TX

The drywall seen here in this picture has suffered severe smoke damage due to a kitchen fire in San Antonio, TX. SERVPRO of Stone Oak responded and helped make it "Like it never even happened."

Mold Remediation Project

Here is an example of the types of precautions that we take in order to avoid further mold damage to the rest of a property during a mold remediation job.

Sewage Backup in San Antonio Business

This photo was taken shortly after a sewage backup occurred in a San Antonio business. SERVPRO of Stone Oak was able to respond quickly, extract the sewage, disinfect the surface with antimicrobial and begin the drying process!

Production Manager, Sean Galligan

Production Manager, Sean Galligan is getting the job done while taking advantage of the technology provided to us from SERVPRO! This is a water loss that a occurred in a commercial property in San Antonio, TX. 

Detroit, Michigan

Helping people to make it "Like it never even happened" in Detroit, Michigan after historic flooding in August of 2014. There were unfortunately more than 5,000 homes affected in Detroit due to the severe flooding.

Equipment drop off in San Antonio, TX

A newly built home was flooded due to a poorly installed washing machine causing water damage throughout the first and second story. The homeowner was very impressed with how promptly we showed up with all the equipment to save the day.

Miguel Balderas in San Marcos, TX.

Miguel and the entire SERVPRO of Stone Oak crew were called into San Marcos TX after all of the flooding rain. In the background you can see only a glimpse of the damage caused by the San Marcos River.

Allstate carpet cleaning

We always like to take care of our clients by making sure that their offices are clean presentable for their valuable customers!

Flood water restoration in San Marcos, TX

Hot water extraction was a must after all of the flood water damage caused to homes along the San Marcos River. There were several homes affected by this flood along the river banks, but fortunately many SERVPRO franchises drove in from surrounding areas to help with the damage. 

Water Damage Continuing Education Course

This course has been specifically designed to teach and explain the special procedures used by professionals in mitigating and restoring water damage claims for the insured. The purpose of the course is to provide you, the insurance professional, with a better understanding of what occurs when your insured has a water damage claim. You will learn “emergency tips” that can drastically reduce the amount of a claim if performed in a timely manner. We will show you actual examples of cleaning techniques used to mitigate water damage. This course will help you better understand what your insured is going through when they have a water damage.

House Fire in Stone Oak, San Antonio

It is absolutely devastating when a home owner has a loss like this. Fortunately our team here at SERVPRO of Stone Oak is ready for anything and has already began the restoration process to make it "like it never even happened!" Keep this family in your thoughts and prayers!

Fire Loss in Stone Oak, San Antonio, TX

Owner/Production Manager Sean Galligan continues to set and monitor all the equipment needed to take care of our ongoing fire job. These walls USED to be white and you can sure tell by where we removed hanging pictures.

Air duct cleaning San Antonio, TX

Our guys are out making homeowners happy by providing them with clean air ducts which means fresh clean air! If your interested in having us come out for an estimate please reach out to us!

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Here is co-owner Sean doing a tile and grout cleaning for a local restaurant in our area. 

House Fire in Stone Oak

This was the aftermath of a home that was struck by lightning during one of the wettest months we have had all year. Our goal is to get the family back into their home as quickly as possible!